5 Reasons You’ll Absolutely Love
Having a Signature Storybook

In our digital age, it's no wonder everyone wants to own the high-resolution files from their session (myself included!) and it's why I offer simple packages to my clients, including printing rights to ALL their photos. However, I'm over-the-moon-excitied to now be offering Signature Storybook Albums as a very special add-on!

These books are a must-have and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Storybook Albums capture the whole story.

It is so important to fill your walls with beautiful memories by ordering prints and canvases of session photos, but there are SO many moments that you just can't hang them all. An album allows you to be able to have the entire story of your session, and all those special, little in-between moments bound all together.

2. You can hold it in your hands. 

Sure, you can pass your phone around and digitally share images with all your friends and family, but it's just not the same as holding a physical album in your hands. More than ever, in this digital age, having something tangible to touch & feel is a special experience. So, let your kids snuggle up next to you or climb on your lap as your look through your Storybook over and over together. My kids LOVE doing this with me!

3. Technology changes quickly.

Years from now, when your hard-drive dies and technology changes, you won't be worrying about how to update or transfer anything because you'll have your favorite images bound in a beautiful, timeless album.

4. Photo albums are one of the greatest gifts you can give your family.

An album is an incredible gift for yourself and I often pull my albums off the shelf to look through during the quiet of the morning, feeling all those moments of love, joy & connection. I need that so badly sometimes! Albums are also an incredible gift to every single person in your family for the same reasons.

5. Heirlooms are priceless.

I very intentionally chose to offer an album that can be affordable from year-to-year for family sessions, but also high-quality enough to be a gorgeous heirloom for generations to come. My lovely Signature Storybooks are 8x8", 20-page, linen-wrapped album, but pages and details may be changed/added for additional cost. This book will be in the hands of your grandchildren and GREAT-grandchildren one day! How special is that?!

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