My Baby's 1st Birthday!

Everyone always says it, but it's so true...I can't believe she's already ONE! The year has flown by, starting off a little rocky with night wakings every hour, but as soon as we kicked this little peanut into her own room down the hall, she slept like...well, like a baby. I find myself being intentional with her in the little moments we get alone. When I'm feeding her or putting her to sleep, I breathe in deep to soak up that sweet, baby scent that is still lingering and I hug her a little tighter right before I lie her down. I just don't want to forget and all the time I tell my hubby that I wish I could just bottle up our girls' littleness to treasure forever, because it's just so dang precious. Cheers to our youngest on her 1st birthday and to another wonderful, joy-filled year of memories ahead!